Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
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NOTE: Sermons by Rev. Melvin J. Hughes (brother of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.) are now being added to this webpage.
Church Choir:
  Anthems, Cantatas
  Solos, Men's Quartet

Music by:
Chauncey German,
Gwen Whitehurst,
Betty LeBlanc

Jim and Joe Hughes: Evening Devotions

159 Morning Worship Services/Sermons

52 Evening Worship Services/Sermons

Revival Services

Special Services at South Norfolk

Rev. Melvin J. Hughes: Sermons

Jim: Band Concert, Oscar Smith High School

Joe: at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly and Bluefield College

History of Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly

Jim and Joe: WFOS-FM, and WRVC-FM

"A Festival of Bach" WFOS-FM Radio Program

Joe: Fork Union Military Band Concert, December 1971.

Joe: at the 100th Anniversary, Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1965.

Joe: Oscar F. Smith High School Boys Chorus

Jim and Joe: at WRVC-FM, "A Christmas Carol" radio drama. Reading: "The Gift of the Magi."

Sermons recorded by Joe, from Ridgecrest:

Dr. Wayne Dehoney
Rev. C. Roy Angell
Rev. William M. Dyal, Jr.
Dr. J.P. Allen
Dr. Donald F. Ackland
Dr. Kenneth L. Chaffin
Dr. Theodore F. Adams
Rev. Billy Graham
Dr. O. William Rhodenhiser, Jr.
Dr. William W. Lancaster
Dr. Dale Moody
Dr. William Perdue
Dr. James L. Sullivan
Dr. William E. Hull
Dr. J. Chester Durham
Dr. David R. Mace
Dr. Cecil Sherman
Rev. Raymond Langlois
Dr. Dodson M. Nelson, Jr.
Dr. Herbert C. Gabhart
Rev. H. Edwin Young
Rev. Berry
Dr. Harper Shannon
Rev. Jim Henry
Sermons from South Norfolk  (Audio)
"To God Be the Glory" was the hymn used to open every Evening Worship Service, broadcast live on WXRI-FM.
This is from the July 2, 1978 Service.  Minister of Music and Education: Hammond Coates, Organist: Gwen Whitehurst, Pianist: Joe Hughes.

When the church first started broadcasting on Sunday night, WXRI-FM installed a "radio loop" and amplifier in the right side classroom.  Because of his radio station background, Joe was asked to be the first operator:
Later, Eddie Briggs, Jr. and Wayne Nash took over:
Chauncey German: Soloist and Music Director, SNBC

ALFRED WOOLER, American music teacher and composer, b. Shipley, Yorkshire, England May 11, 1867; d. Lake Winola, Pa., Aug. 7, 1937. He settled in the U.S. as a youth, and studied at the Univ. of Pa.; taught harmony at Scranton, Buffalo, and N.Y.; also conducted choral societies. He composed about 250 anthems, songs, and part-songs; also piano pieces and cantatas.

He composed "Consider and Hear Me" sung by Chauncey German.

David Wendell Guion wrote "Prayer" subtitled "Lord, in this Hour of Tumult" sung by Chauncey German.
Born in 1891, died in 1981. He was best known for his adaptation of "Home on the Range," a cowboy lament he wrote and set to music at the age of 15. Trained at the Royal Conservatory in Vienna, he wrote several other pieces of sacred music, and also scores for motion pictures and plays.  He transcribed old folk songs such as "Turkey in the Straw" into fiddle tunes.

“My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me”

Words and Music:  William C. Martin (1864-1914) Born: De­cem­ber 25, 1864, Hights­town, New Jer­sey. Died: Au­gust 30, 1914, Ri­al­to, Flor­i­da. Buried: Fort My­ers, Flor­i­da. Martin was pas­tor of the Grace Bap­tist Church (for­mer­ly Cra­mer’s Hill), Cam­den, New Jer­sey (1891-4); No­ank Bap­tist Church, Noank, Con­nec­ti­cut (1894-1900); Grace Bap­tist Church, Som­er­ville, Mass­a­chu­setts (near Bos­ton; at the time of his ar­rival there it was noted he was from “Bluff­ton, In­di­a­na”); and the First Bap­tist Church in Ft. My­ers, Flor­i­da, from 1912 un­til his death.


1.  I trust in God wherever I may be,
Upon the land or on the rolling sea;
For come what may from day to day,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.
I trust in God, I know He cares for me;
On mountain bleak or on the stormy sea;
Though billows roll, He keeps my soul,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.

2.  He makes the rose an object of His care,
He guides the eagle through the pathless air;
And surely He remembers me,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.
I trust in God, I know He cares for me;
On mountain bleak or on the stormy sea;
Though billows roll, He keeps my soul,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.

3.  The valley may be dark, the shadows deep,
But oh, the shepherd guards His lonely sheep;
And through the gloom, He'll lead me home,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.
I trust in God, I know He cares for me;
On mountain bleak or on the stormy sea;
Though billows roll, He keeps my soul,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.

(More music of Chauncey German can be found in the "Music For Worship" web page section of this website)
"King All Glorious" 
George Maxon Vail was born July 2, 1892 and died August 24, 1974, aged 82.  He is buried in Orient, Suffolk County, New York.  At one time, he was organist at Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Norfolk, Virginia.

King All-Glorious is an Easter anthem for SATB voices with organ and piano accompaniment.  The second verse begins with a soprano solo, with SATB voices joining in on the chorus.  Features a 12-bar passage "Crown Him with Many Crowns" (Tune - Diademata) in the final verse. Words by: Charles Wesley. Music by: George M. Vail 

Rejoice, the Lord is King!
Your Lord and King adore!
Mortals, give thanks, give thanks and sing,
And triumph evermore.
The Lord is King! Rejoice! The Lord is King!
Jesus the Saviour reigns, The God of truth and love:
When He had purged, had purged our stain,
He took His seat above.
Lift up your heart! Lift up your voice!
The Lord is King!

(Solo) King all glorious, Lord of Hosts almighty,
Thou art reveal'd in victory,
O'er all the world ascended,
King all glorious! King all glorious!
Thou art reveal'd in victory.

(repeat as descant over ...)
Jesus the Saviour reigns,
Your Lord and King adore.
Hail ye the Lord and King!
Hail ye the Lord and King!
Jesus the Saviour reigns,
Your King adore.

Rejoice, the Lord is King!
Your Lord and King adore!
Mortals, give thanks, give thanks and sing,
And triumph evermore.
The Lord is King! Rejoice! The Lord is King!
King all glorious,
O'er all the world ascended,
Thou art reveal'd in victory.
King all glorious, Lord of Hosts almighty!

Crown Him with many crowns,
The Lamb upon His throne,
Hark! how the heav'nly anthem drowns
All music but its own:
Awake, my soul and sing
Of Him who died for thee,

And hail Him as thy chosen King
Through all eternity. Amen.
King all glorious, Lord of Hosts almighty!
King all glorious, reign

South Norfolk Baptist was blessed to have a wonderful Men's Chorus and Men's Quartet
The South Norfolk Baptist Choir had many talented ladies and gentlemen, who sang in ensembles, duets, and as soloists
Jim and Joe Hughes: Evening Devotions
"Behold Your King"  Easter Cantata
Mr. Chauncey German, Choir Director
Offertory: "Fantasia on the Hymn Tune ‘Duke Street,’" with Gwen Whitehurst at the Henry Pilcher's Sons 15 rank pipe organ, and Betty LeBlanc at the Baldwin grand piano.  (South Norfolk Baptist Church).  Followed by the Cantata, "Behold Your King."

Narrator: Mr. Roy Shields.  Soloists: Mr. Ruben Hulion, Mr. Jack Hollowell, Mr. Chauncey German, Mrs. Edna Raper, Duet: Mr. Jack Hollowell and Mrs. Gladys Dengel. Rev. Jerry Odom, Minister of Education: thanks the choir and musicians, and asks Rev. Henry Napier, Pastor of Raleigh Heights Baptist Church, to pronounce the benediction.     (40 min., in Stereo). 


(Special Program No. 922, from Jim Hughes’ tape collection; recorded in stereo on Ampex with ElectroVoice Mikes; re-mastered on BASF tape transferred on AKAI 4 track stereo). (There is a slight break when the tape is turned over; no part of the cantata is missing).
"No Greater Love" Easter Cantata

“No Greater Love.”  Easter Cantata, by John W. Peterson.  Adult Choir.  April 22, 1984.  (Unfortunately the microphone was placed too near the piano, and this resulted in distortion when the choir and soloists sang).  Pianist: Russell Matthews.  Narrator: Mr. Will Parsons. Actors: Truman Close, Butch Prescott, Cheryl Todd, and some who cannot be identified.  Solos: Jimmie Scott, Gayle Harrell, Ruben Hulion, Stella Pierce.  Invitation offered by Rev. Steve Feehan.  Hymn: “Jesus Paid it All.”

"Alive" Easter Cantata

"Night of Miracles" Christmas Cantata
A Day of Singing and Praise

All South Norfolk Baptist Church Choirs, Evening Service Broadcast on WXRI-FM (Adult Choir Director: Chauncey German, Organist: Gwen Whitehurst, Pianist and Youth Choir Director: Betty LeBlanc)
A Sacred Music Concert
Summer Concert for Church Music Week, South Norfolk Baptist Church, August 27, 1980
Allen Organ Dedication, DeBaun Memorial Baptist Church, Chesapeake, Virginia. Rev. Joe Hughes, Pastor. Organist: Gwen Whitehurst.

Gwen Whitehurst at the Organ

“Don´t Go Away Without Jesus”

-Laurie F. Taylor

Oh, don’t go away without Jesus,
Oh don’t go away without him.
You know he is willing to save you,
And cleanse from your heart every sin.
Oh, yield to his offer of mercy,
Oh, take of the grace he imparts;
And don’t go away without Jesus in your heart.
Sermons from South Norfolk
(Morning Worship Services)
Dedication of new Lord's Supper Service, July 4, 1965.  The complete Audio of the service and the Bulletin follow:
"A Protracted Meeting"
Evening Worship Services
Special Services at South Norfolk

The following early sermon preached by Dr. Mac Brunson, in a morning worship service at South Norfolk Baptist, is included here for historical reasons, and because our family agreed that he was one of the most outstanding preachers we had ever heard.  I enjoyed so much, when on vacation from my own pastorate, to be able to come back with my wife, and sit and hear him preach God’s Word.  It is instructive for South Norfolk Baptist entering the 21st Century: after giving detailed statistics concerning the doctrinal errors some Southern Baptists are falling into, he presents a message that outlines the only way for a church to grow.

Joint Worship Service with the Choirs and Congregations of South Norfolk Baptist Church and Rosemont Christian Church: at South Norfolk Baptist Church. (February 26, 1984).  (Choir Director: Stewart Stanley. Organist: Russell Matthews.  Pianist: Mona Ware).  Prelude.  Choral Call to Worship: “He Lives.” Responsive Reading No. 527.  Evening Prayer.   Hymn: “The Lily of the Valley.” Anthem: “King All Glorious” (Soloist: Mrs. Gladys Dengel).  Solo and Choir: “Seek Ye the Lord.” Anthem: “Come, Holy Spirit.” Hymn: “Since Jesus Came into My Heart.” Offertory Prayer: Rev. Hughes. Offertory: “Largo” by Handel. (Russell Matthews and Mona Ware). Solo: “The Church is the Light.” Anthem: “When I Survey.”  Anthem: “Amazing Grace”  (features Deagan Chimes). Hymn: “Saved, Saved.” Solo: “The King is Coming.”  Anthem: “I’ll Fly Away.”  Anthem: “O Victory in Jesus.” Anthem: “God Bless America.” Invitation Hymn: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”   Three-Fold Amen.

Sermons by Rev. Melvin J. Hughes (brother of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.)
(Notes: Some of these sound files have Congregation Hymns, Offertories, Anthems, Duets, Invitation Hymns, etc. In a few cases, the tape ran out before the sermon finished.  All sermons, unless otherwise noted, are from Princess Anne Plaza Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, VA.)
Under Construction: More Sermons by Rev. Melvin J. Hughes will be added in the near future.
W.M.U. (Woman's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention) Annual Meeting in Virginia, 1984.
Three Meditations presented by Mrs. Marjorie McCullough, first Director of G.A.'s (Girls Auxillary).

Mrs. Edith Vaughn Parker, Missionary to Brazil, spoke at the WMU Annual Virginia Conference, 1984.
While on vacation, our family always worshiped on Sunday.  It was a wonderful experience to sometimes visit historic churches, such as New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC, where Presidents John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Dwight Eisenhower attended.

The following sound file is a sermon we heard, preached by Dr. George Docherty, upon the occasion of his last service before retirement.

James Read Hughes funeral service conducted by Dr. William L. Lumpkin (Freemason Street Baptist Church, Norfolk), Dr. Donald Bowen (Downtown Baptist Church, Alexandria). Organist: Gwen Whitehurst, Pianist: Betty LeBlanc.
(The Schulmerich chimes can be heard playing on the tower music system, at the conclusion of the service, during the postlude as the clergy, pallbearers, and family exit the church).
In late 2003, I was visiting with my father, Rev. Hughes, and shared with him the audio of this sermon by Will Willimon, Duke Chapel.  The sermon title was "How Does the Story End," and Dad agreed with me that it was poignant and, he even remarked that the main theme of the message that emerges at the end of the sermon, "would make a good funeral message." It was the last sermon he heard before passing in January 2004. At his funeral service, I used the title as the theme of my own remarks. I share this sermon with you:
Jim played the Trombone in the Oscar F. Smith High School Band. A rare recording has been discovered of their Band Concert for 1962.
Joe at RBA
(Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly)

“From the Mountain Top of Vision and Inspiration, Southern Baptists would carry the message of Jesus into every valley of human need.”


(From B. W. Spilman Auditorium cornerstone, 1938)

Rev. R.F. Staples was the first Manager of Ridgecrest.
Dedication of the Spillman Auditorium
Spillman Auditorium as it looks today.
Inscription on side of Children's Building, Ridgecrest
Robert L. Middleton's book written on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly, has now been put into the public domain, and is offered here for you to read:
"Ridgecrest" a booklet published in 1928, by Dr. Bernard W. Spilman (for whom the Spilman Auditorium at Ridgecrest was named), is now in public domain, and offered here:
The train brought folks to Ridgecrest from the village of Old Fort:
Williard K. Weeks retired in 1968.
Two articles from "The State" Magazine of North Carolina about Ridgecrest:
Some who spoke at RBA:
(Recorded while I served on the Staff)

Dr. David R. Mace: Christian Life Conference,
Crystal Springs Annex, Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly, 1966

Rev. Sam Tatem led Evening Devotions at Ridgecrest, 1968. Testimonies (in order of speaker): Joe Hughes, Eddie Briggs, Jr., unknown, Kathy Curling, unknown, Mrs. Sam Tatem; closing prayer: Rev. Tatem.

at Bluefield College
Joe, Dr. Charles Harmon, President of Bluefield College, and his roommate, Vernon MtCastle.
Vernon MtCastle and Joe at Bluefield College
(with hands in was cold!)
A History of Bluefield College:
(from the public domain)
Some who spoke in the Chapel:
The following article appeared in the Madison College paper (1964) about Lisa Sergio and her upcoming lecture there.  It gives excellent information about her background:
An article from the N.C. Wesleyan College newspaper, 1966:

"A Festival of Bach"

A program presented by WFOS-FM, March 1, 1965.

Researched and Produced by Jim and Joe Hughes

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major BWV 1050 - 1. Allegro 

Otto Büchner, violin; Paul Meisen, flute; Karl Richter conducts the Münchener Bach Orchester, from the public domain:

Joe and Jim outside Fork Union Military (FUMA) main gate where Joe taught Social Studies and presented Planetarium programs:
CPT Anthony LaZizza, conducts the Fork Union Military Academy Band in a concert, Christmas 1971:

The Story of

Fork Union Military Academy:

(Some films and photos are courtesy of FUMA).

This is the Spitz A-4 Instrument in the planetarium:
Science Building which housed the Planetarium:
Memorial Hall, on right side of photo below, housed E Company, which won Company Competition, 1971-72:
Joe taught courses using Fork Union's "One-Subject Plan" with amazing results:
Other photos of FUMA buidlings:
Retan Rifles was a select group of Cadets.  Here is Cadet Wilson illustrating his expertise with a rifle:
President and Mrs. K.T. Whitescarver:
Joe's trip to the 100th Anniversary, Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1965:
Joe, seen here at graduation, sang in the Oscar Smith High School Boys Chorus, Main Chorus, and All-State Chorus. Chorus Teachers: Richard Barnes (1964), Leonard Bennett (1965), Brett Watson (1966).

Oscar Smith High School Boy’s Chorus:


Jim Bennett

Dennie Cosner

Billy Gore

Joe Hughes

Ralph Langford

Buster Lassiter

Jimmy Miller

Jerry Tisdale

Cecil White

Dick Barnes in Oscar Smith High School auditorium.  Gwen Whitehurst told me that she knew Mr. Barnes personally, and that he was a superb musician!
Leonard Bennett, Chorus Teacher (1965)
Brett Watson, Chorus Teacher (1966)
Brett Watson graduated from the Eastman School of Music, and had what was called "Perfect Pitch" musical ability.
"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

This is a radio drama produced on Christmas Eve, 1958, at WRVC-FM, a Norfolk radio station, where Gwen Whitehurst was often invited to play the piano, and where Jim and Joe worked while in college.  When the station was forced to close in the late 1960’s, due to financial problems, the Vice President, Dr. Clay, gave the original recordings of this radio play and "The Gift of the Magi," by O. Henry, (about a young married couple, and how they deal with the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for each other, with very little money;  a story with a  biblical lesson about gift-giving, read by Audrey Dickens), to Joe as a parting gift.  It is here offered for you at the Christmas season, a time when we remember and honor the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Charles Dickens’ story tells of sour and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge’s ideological, ethical, and emotional transformation after the supernatural visits of Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. 


This live studio production, which features the great grandson of Charles Dickens, is set within a religious context, with the use of the hymn, “See, Amid the Winter’s Snow,” also known as “Hymn for Christmas Day,” written by Edward Caswall, with music composed by Sir John Goss.  It is found in many hymnbooks, and sung at Christmastime.

1.  See, amid the winter's snow,

Born for us on Earth below,

See, the tender Lamb appears,

Promised from eternal years.



'Hail, thou ever blessed morn,'

'Hail redemption's happy dawn,'

'Sing through all Jerusalem,'

'Christ is born in Bethlehem.


2.  Lo, within a manger lies

He who built the starry skies;

He who, throned in height sublime,

Sits among the cherubim.



3.  Teach, O teach us, Holy Child,

By Thy face so meek and mild,

Teach us to resemble Thee,

In Thy sweet humility.