Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
Wednesday Night
Prayer and Bible Study
Notes and Outlines
Rev. Hughes was diligent in his study of God's Word and prepared many outlines, that in later years, were printed at the church for distribution to the members who attended on Wednesday nights.

He would always start with a season of Prayer; time that would not be rushed, but deliberate and thoughtful.  Many who attended would often bring prayer requests, some would pray out loud, and others would pray silently, as Pastor Hughes would pray.

Then, as a teacher of the Word, he would go through an outline he had prepared, and again, it was not a rushed affair, but a time for exegetical Bible study, verse by verse.

Several of these outlines are presented on this page; not in any particular order, but with the hope that a pastor might find something that might assist in his own study of God's Word.