Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
Joseph Truett Hughes
(Third Son of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.)
(He was named after Joseph, son of Jacob in the Old Testament Bible story found in the book of Genesis, and after Dr. George W. Truett, pastor of
First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX).

Dr. George W. Truett
Here are a few sermons preached by
Dr. Truett.

"Be Still and Know that I Am God."
"The Power of Choice"
"Is Prayer Profitable"
"True Success" (a short excerpt from a sermon)
Joe's first day at school (Rena B. Wright Elementary School, South Norfolk, VA.) Photo by Virginian-Pilot newspaper:
Joe's first grade class.  Miss Jane Harris, teacher. (His future wife, Rita Elliott, also appears in this photo):
Jim and Joe were both in WFOS-FM, Oscar F. Smith High School:
Joe at Oscar F. Smith High School graduation, 1966. He is 4th from right:
Joe at FUMA:

Joe with Rev. and Mrs. Hughes at South Norfolk Baptist Church

Rev. and Mrs. Hughes join Joe and Rita at Biltmore Baptist on the occasion of his 3rd Anniversary there:
Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr. speaking at Joe's 10th Anniversary:
Rev. Joe Hughes, on the 10th Anniversary, as pastor, at the Richmond, Virginia church he served for 11 1/2 years, before accepting a call as an Associate Pastor to another Richmond area church.
Birthday party for Joe at the church:
Joe seen in the next 2 pictures with his Father and Mother:
Snow in Richmond, 1987:
Muffin was a neighborhood cat who, when he stopped by, wanted to always sit in your lap:
Joe with Katie in next 2 photos:
Spencer (L) and Katie (R):
Joe at Currituck Sound and Mr. Hill's house:
Walking home from Wednesday night Prayer Meeting, looking at flowers in front of the Chesapeake Avenue Methodist Church:
While still in college, Joe was engaged by the Chesapeake Avenue Methodist Church to remove the Hodgson Pipe Organ (4 ranks, unified) from their church prior to it's being torn down and rebuilt with a new sanctuary.  The termites had taken over and, according to what I was told, one wall was shifting and it had to come down.  Here are pictures of the demolition I took:
Some interior photos of the pipe chamber:
Joe later felt God calling him to a ministry with the U.S. Army Chaplaincy, and spent a total of 23 1/2 years (Reserve and Active Duty) ministering among Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen, in his various assignments.  He adhered to the Bible as the Word of God unto Salvation. God led many to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and follow Him in Baptism.
Joe is seen here (next 4 pictures) preaching in a Fort Meade chapel:
Joe after hurricane hits South Norfolk:
Joe at Oregon Inlet, Nags Head, NC:
Joe with his "minnow":
Joe with shells found on beach at Kitty Hawk, NC:
Joe with Cousin Sue and Mother in front of parsonage, South Norfolk:
Dad taught me the proper way to paint the front porch.  Here I am after one painting job:
Joe, Rita, and first dog "Pepper" in background:
Joe on Goldie at Skyland stables:
Joe seen on left rear, leaving the corral, riding Goldie:
A hunter brought by some ducks to Dad:
At Shenandoah National Park:
Joe on Little Stony Man nature trail:
At Nags Head, NC:
Joe and Rita at Wiliamsburg, Virginia with friends Glenn and Patti Davis:
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