Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
During his retirement, Rev. Hughes took up oil painting as a hobby.
He took an art course at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly for retired ministers, and painted this: "Soar like an Eagle."
"2 Timothy 2:6, Straight Furrow"
"A Dream"  (8x10 canvas, 1996)
"Barn Owl" (1998)
"1920 Touring Car"
"1928 Ford"
"1927 Coke Cola Truck" (1996, 8x10 canvas)
"Amish Farm"
"Old Mill in Winter"
"Red Barn"
"Farm by the Water"
"Country Companions"
"Indigo Bunting"
"Whistling Swan"
"Quail Hunt"
"Knotts Island Bay and Ocean"
"Old Grey Bonnet"
"Red Headed Woodpecker"
"Black Capped Chickadee"
"Song Sparrow"
"Sage Blind on Currituck Sound"
"Sheep Herders"
"Snow Flakes"
"Dr. George W. Truett"
"The Gleaners" from a photo of painting by Millet
"Winter at the Mill"
"Blue Bird"
"Canvasbacks"  (1996) 
"Cart" (used for transportation in 1900s)
"Coot"  (1997)
"Country Church"
"Country Companions"
"Crockett's Lady" from a picture  (2003)
"Dr. Grigg's Cart" (2003)
(copied from a painting by van Gogh)
(copied from a painting by van Gogh)
"Fog on the Mountains"
"Foothills in the Valley of Virginia"
"Great Bridge 1890"  (from a picture w/additions)
"Lake Drummond Baptist Church" (1993, 6x8 canvas)
"Street Car on Chesapeake Avenue"
Rev. Hughes presents one of his paintings to his brother Irving
(All paintings are under 2013 copyright; they are not for public publishing or for sale.)