Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.

In Memory of Rev. Billy Graham

(Nov. 7, 1918 -- Feb. 21, 2018)

From the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

"On February 21, 2018, God called Billy Graham home at age 99. Mr. Graham once said, "When we reach the end of our earthly journey, we will have just begun." Now, he is in the presence of the Lord. Watch and share this tribute to his life and legacy. You can also follow updates at Thank you for your thoughts and prayers."

Billy Graham
was admired by my Father as a Christian who preached the Word, "plus and minus nothing else," as Dad would say.  After I entered full-time ministry, he always encouraged me to "give a Billy Graham invitation;" in other words, one that was not weak or watered down. Dad worked with him during one of his early "Youth for Christ" crusades in Portsmouth, Virginia, before becoming pastor of South Norfolk Baptist Church, and I had one occasion to meet him personally after a Duke University chapel service.  Every year at South Norfolk, Dad would invite the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to come and screen one of their current Christian films, at no cost to the church.  Many times we would watch Rev. Graham preach at one of his crusades on television.  I remember one occasion that, while the hymn of invitation was being sung, Mother began to cry.  She told me she was crying tears of joy at seeing so many folks come forward to accept Christ as their Saviour.  In her prayer life, she would always pray, that Dad would "have souls for his hire."  In other words, it was an old way of saying, that Dad would be used of the Holy Spirit, to lead folks to Jesus in his work for the Lord; that salary had nothing to do with his dedication to Him. I know that he never asked for a raise in all the years he was at South Norfolk Baptist. 
We need more preachers today who will preach the Word without adding or subtracting from it.
-Rev. Joe Hughes
Several of Billy Graham's sermons are provided below:
It has come to my attention, that in the last year or so, several individuals have posted false information on websites stating that Billy Graham denied Jesus as the only way to heaven.  That is not true, and I have included the following video that clearly refutes that:
Is Billy Graham's Death A Prophetic Sign?.......the latest heresy debunked.
(Courtesy of Fighting for the Faith, with Rev. Chris Rosebrough).  Part 1:
Part 2:

What's the Point of Billy Graham's Ministry?

"God Has a Dream for You" Says Rick Warren.

The folks at "Fighting for the Faith" recently discovered that Saddleback Church had a service where Rick Warren was teaching the importance of "choosing the right team for your dream." Mention was made of Billy Graham's ministry, since he had just recently died. After the last video montage about Billy Graham played, Rick Warren told his audience the importance of "fulfilling your dream-just like Billy Graham." After just a minute of his pep talk, he tells everyone to listen to message of the next song.

The worship team then performs the pop song "This Is Me," which Billboard Magazine describes as: "a beautifully uplifting tribute to self-acceptance and self-love."

Here are some of the lyrics:

“I won’t let them break me down to dust
I know that there’s a place for us
For we are glorious

When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I’m meant to be, this is me
Look out ‘cause here I come
And I’m marching on to the beat I drum
I’m not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me”

— Lyrics from the song "This Is Me"

This bizarre combination of a Billy Graham tribute and a self-exalting secular song is a difficult and painful thing to watch. After the song ends, Rick Warren takes the mic and tearfully pleads with the audience to not waste their lives, and warns them not to live for the approval of others.

Wait, is this a church service... or the plot of every Disney film from the past twenty years?

Watch this edited version from the Saddleback Facebook page at your own risk:

Rick Warren also does his incredibly weak version of an "alter call" and suggests that people need to "accept Jesus" if they are to accomplish their dreams.


There is NO Gospel message here. This is a truly saddening pep rally of feel-good catch-phrases that belongs in an Amway rally from 1993.


It sounds like Warren had listened to an episode of Fighting for the Faith and did the exact opposite of everything that was said: "How NOT to Shipwreck Your Faith," posted on a separate web page.


Rick Warren is a leader of the seeker-friendly takeover of Evangelicalism.

One Man. One Purpose. One Message.

(Courtesy of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)