Mrs. Hughes, Joe, and
Dr. John Carlton.

Dr. John William Carlton
(Born: October 6, 1920, Orange, Texas)
Biography of
Dr. John W. Carlton
by Dr. John I. Durham
(1993, Mercer University Press; still available)
Dr. John W. Carlton, prior to his position as Professor of Preaching, Southeastern Seminary, he attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, and also graduated from Duke University Divinity School with a Ph.D., and was Associate Professor of Preaching at Duke.

Some of his sermons, preached at Duke have been located and are offered here courtesy of the Duke Library.
"On Doing Justice and Seeking Truth."  A sermon by Dr. John W. Carlton, preached in Duke Chapel, July 28, 1968:
(Note: New equipment will attempt to reload several of these cassette-taped lectures in order to restore better sound continuity).