Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.

"Far, Far Away, on a Hilltop, Lone and Grey"

(Solo: Mrs. Edna Raper)


(From the cantata, "Behold Your King,"

by John W. Peterson. Recorded live at South Norfolk Baptist Church.

In Stereo).

Chauncey German, former Choir Director, South Norfolk Baptist Church, sings "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked," by Geoffrey O'Hara and "The Holy City" by F.E. Weatherly. He is accompanied by Organist, Gwen Whitehurst. Recorded at South Norfolk Baptist Church.

"He is not Here"
(From the Cantata, "Behold Your King" by John W. Peterson)
The Men's Chorus and Choir. Narrator: Mr. Roy Shields, Organist: Gwen Whitehurst, Pianist: Betty LeBlanc. Recorded live at South Norfolk Baptist Church. In Stereo.

"Lift up a Song of Praise"

Duet: Mrs. John Dengel, Mr. Jack Hollowell.

Narrator: Mr. Roy Shields.


(From the Cantata "Behold Your King,"

by John W. Peterson)

Recorded live at South Norfolk Baptist.

In Stereo.

Gwen Whitehurst, Organist and

Betty LeBlanc, Pianist

play an Offertory for Easter, "Fantasia on Duke Street."


Recorded live at the South Norfolk Baptist Church. 

In Stereo.
"Behold Your King" a cantata by John W. Peterson, presented by the choir of South Norfolk Baptist Church. Recorded live, in Stereo. (Re-recorded in Equalization mode; original Stereo version on the webpage: "Sermons from South Norfolk: Audio").
Rev. Hughes preaches a dramatic sermon, "Formal Expressions," in which he role-plays various characters in the Easter story.  This sermon impressed me very much when I first heard it as a youngster.
-Joe Hughes