Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
Jim and Joe at Old Dominion University
After completing studies at Bluefield College, which was then only a two-year Junior College, he transferred to finish at Old Dominion University (which was then called Old Dominion College).  His brother Jim completed some of his studies at Virginia Tech, then transferred to Old Dominion. He finished his degree at American University.
Bill Mitchell, pictured, was Chief Justice, Honor Court
Jim Hughes named as Student Government Attorney General:
Joe was elected to Sigma Beta Tau honorary leadership fraternity:
Joe also studied Planetarium operation under Professor Sherwood.  Here are some scenes from the Pretlow Planetarium, which was located beside the Chemistry Building:
The Chemistry Building, with the Pretlow Planetarium seen on the left side toward the back:
Professor Sherwood adjusts the Spitz A-3 instrument:
Next 2 photos are of the Astronomy lab instructors lecturing in the Planetarium.  In the second photo, you can see part of the control panel in the foreground:
This was the Spitz A-3 instrument we trained on:
Advanced course Astronomy students who were proficient in that area of Geophysical Science, and, having the permission of the professor, would be allowed to enroll in the Planetarium Operation course.  The students were required to produce several programs to be graded by Professor Sherwood.  Some I developed with classical music as background to the stars, planets, etc., being projected on the dome.  Here are some examples:
Some music I used was from Gustav Holst's "The Planets" Suite. One piece was used for a Sunrise, another for a Sunset, and other music for transitions.  In the following examples, I use here the music played by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras.

In the first example, I used Jupiter for a Sunrise sequence:
I also used "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" for a Sunrise sequence.  Written by Richard Strauss, it was used in the film, "2001: A Space Odyssey." In this sequence, the London Philharmonic Orchestra performs:
For transitions between various parts of a planetarium program, I used "Mars":
A good piece of music from "The Planets" was Venus for a Sunset sequence:
"Sorcerer's Apprentice" was another good classical piece of music used to set the mood for several planet and star sequences:
Joe would later use his Astronomy and Planetarium skills in his first teaching position at Fork Union Military Academy as Assistant Planetarium Director. Here Joe stands in front of the science building with the planetarium which housed a Spitz A-4 Instrument:
More information about Dr. Jones:
(Jim was so exceptional in the field of science and mathematics, that he took an entire year of Organic Chemistry in one summer at Old Dominion University and made an "A").

While at ODU, Jim and Joe both received "bids" to join Pi Kappa Phi; Joe also received one to Delta Sigma Phi.  Jim decided on Pi Kappa Phi, and Joe, Delta Sigma Phi.  My Big Brother was Jeff Hurwitz. Initiated: Feb 4, 1970.
Joe played on the Delta Sig volleyball team.
Jim attended VPI, transferred to ODU, then finished at American University while serving in the Virginia State Police in Northern Virginia. 

At ODU, Jim headed a committee to write an updated Honor Council booklet for student-wide distribution.

While at ODU, Jim collaborated with Joe to write "The Fraternities at ODU."  Here is a copy of the 1969 supplement:

Joe attended Bluefield College when it was a Junior College (2-year school), then transferred to Old Dominion College (which later became Old Dominion University) for his undergraduate degree.

He was later admitted to the Old Dominion University Graduate School (History),

Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond Continuing Education, the University of Richmond Graduate School (Education),

and University of North Carolina (Professional and Continuing Education).

While at the University of Richmond Graduate School, Joe worked on a thesis dealing with Pre-Pearl Harbor Intelligence.

While in the Army on active duty, Joe had the opportunity to meet and visit with Admiral Kimmel's grandson Thomas.

The following two films will give you up-to-date information, some of which he dealt with during his studies at UR:
From the BBC, a film now in public domain:  "Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor":
"Pearl Harbor:  The New Evidence":
Doug Horne has contributed some of the newest information concerning Pearl Harbor.  He has written a two volume set which details the run up to the attack on Hawaii.

Horne was interviewed on the Midnight Writer's radio program and summarized his research:
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