The Passion "Translation"  HERESY

It's not too surprising that the same people who claim to get new revelations from God and then twist God's Word to fit their own agenda, would just go right ahead and publish their own, unique version of the Bible that says whatever they think it should say-regardless of the original texts. 

The Passion "Translation" is NOT a's a paraphrase that takes great liberties with the original text.  It's The Messed Up Bible.
With thanks to the "Fighting for the Faith" website for some of the following information:
Here is a somewhat gentle rebuke from a Charismatic theologian:
Here's a somewhat harsher review of this new "Bible" from Holly Pivec from the website "Spirit of Error":
"Apostle" Brian Simmons, of the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation heresy) author of The Passion "Translation":  Name Dropping and Name Dodging:

The Dangers of the Passion "Translation":  

Interview with Pastor Gervase Charmley

by Rev. Chris Rosebrough.

(Courtesy of Fighting for the Faith):