Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
Sermons from South Norfolk

Early Pastors at South Norfolk Baptist
Note:  dates underneath each pastor's photo indicate their dates of service at South Norfolk Baptist Church.  Keep in mind, that in those days, a pastor in some churches were voted on every year!  Thank goodness we've gotten away from that.
Rev. William Brooke Duling
William Duling graduated from the College of Wiliam and Mary, 1925:
William Duling, born Nov 11, 1869, King and Queen County, VA., was the son of James Monroe Duling and his wife Heneretta Jones.  Elizabeth "Bessie" Carey Smither was the daughter of Robert S. Smither, Jr. and wife Hannah Cary Jones.  Rev. Duling ws married Oct 9, 1895 in Richmond, VA.

They had 4 children: Carey Jones Duling (1898-1919, died from influenza), Marion Brooke Duling (1902-1997), Mabel Virginia Duling Hartz (1904-1989), and Elizabeth Thomas Duling Johnson (1905-1998).
Edwin Lee Hartz, husband of Mable Virginia Duling:
Josephus (Joseph) C. Tynch
Josephus (Joseph) Tynch served with the North Carolina CSA Cavalry
Complete CSA Military Record of Josephus C. Tynch:
Rev. Samuel S. Robinson

Rev. S. S. Robinson, 65, died at his home in Luttrellville, Richmond County, Virginia, after an illness of several months. Interment at Bethany Baptist Church. Mr. Robinson is survived by his widow, (nee Miss Eva Richardson, and five children--four by a former marriage).

Alma Swann Robinson

19 May 1923 – 4 Sep 2003

Mary J. Robinson (1897-) born in Norfolk, VA.


Eva Richardson Robinson

5 Dec 1889 – 22 Dec 1972


Joseph Wyche Robinson

6 Aug 1905 – 12 Feb 1932


Lillian “Lilly” Vanlandingham Robinson

25 Aug 1903 – 28 Dec 1980

Joseph W. Robinson (1906-) born in Virginia; lost his mother when he was only 12.

When Blanche Alpine Robinson was born on February 17, 1867, in Greensville, Virginia, her father, Thomas, was 21, and her mother, Mary, was 20. She married Samuel S Robinson on September 21, 1891, in her hometown. They had four children in 15 years. She died on March 1, 1918, in Victoria, Virginia, at the age of 51.

1902 City Directory:
Rev. Q.C. Davis, Sr.
Rev. Q.C. Davis, Sr. was born April 1, 1863, Possum Quarter, Pasquotank County, North Carolina.  He died May 30, 1926 in South Norfolk, Virginia.  His son, Q.C. Davis, Jr. was a Judge in the City of South Norfolk.

His parents were John Smithson Davis and Emily Virginia Sawyer.  He had 14 brothers and sisters.  He married Sarah Elizabeth and had 8 children, which included Judge Q.C. Davis, Jr., Rev. Floyd P. Davis (who also preached at South Norfolk Baptist), Dr. William Hersey Davis, Jefferson Vernon Davis, Rose Marie Davis, Emma Elizabeth Davis, Violetta Marie Koontz, and Violett Marie Davis.
How Quinton Davis decided to become a minister:
Newspaper Article in pdf format:
Rev. Franklin Macbeth Wilson
Frank and his wife Susie had two children: Mildred W. and Charles.
October 1909:
February 17, 1910:
Dr. Lloyd T. Wilson, brother of Frank M. Wilson, who had a distinguished ministry at Grace Church, Richmond, was Sec.-Treas. of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and served several other large churches in Kentucky and Tennessee:
Dr. L. T. Wilson preached at First Baptist Church, Nashville, TN (Note: they used the wrong first initial, an "S." instead of the correct "L."):
Rev. E.S. Pierce
Rev. Pierce married Ettie E. Puryear (1872-1915); after her death, he married Mary Knouss in 1919 (1888-1976). Rev. Pierce had 7 children: Sylvester Y. (1899-1981), Bernard P. (1900-1919) (he was Railroad Brakeman and died in accident), Julian Edward (1904-1920) (was struck by lightning), Willard Reed (1906-1974), Robert Glenn (1906), Mary Elizabeth Pierce Ellis (1910-1986) Bertha Jane (1914-1986)(When Bertha Jane Pierce was born on December 2, 1914, in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, her father, Edward, was 43, and her mother, Ettie, was 42. She was married three times and had six children. She died on April 7, 1986, in Richmond City, Virginia, at the age of 71, and was buried there).
Rev. Pierce was murdered in his front yard.  See Horace Twine's "History of South Norfolk Baptist Church" webpage for details.  Death certificate:
Rev.William Madison Black
Rev. Black married Mattie Bowles
Rev. William M. Black (former pastor of South Norfolk Baptist) with Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr. (on right) at Cornerstone Laying Dedication of the Education Building, 1954.
(Photo courtesy of Ron Alexander)
Mary R. Black (1917-2015), daughter of Rev. Black, attended the State Teachers College, Farmville, VA.; she taught English at Appomattox High School, VA:
Appomattox High School, Virginia, faculty photo:
Newspaper articles about the old wooden church building which burned, and the building and dedication of the new brick structure:
The new $20,000 church building was dedicated, 3 p.m., July 5, 1915. Rev. W.M. Black, Pastor preached at the 11:00 service, Rev. John Roach Straton, pastor of First Baptist Church, Norfolk, was principal speaker at the Dedication.  Sunday evening service was held at 8 p.m. and Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.

Newspaper articles concerning the old wooden church which burned, and the new building that was built and dedicated:
Rev. Luther B. Grice
served as Supply Pastor prior to
Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr. becoming pastor of the church. 
On May 24, 1932, The John B. Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, conferred upon Rev. Grice the honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D.).
Rev. Clyde Spurgeon Sawyer

Clyde Sawyer’s parents:  William W. Sawyer and Joanna Louisa Annie Brickhouse. William married Julia Francis Spencer (1876-1937) after Joanna died.

William’s father and mother: Richard W. Sawyer (1834-1910) and Sarah Ann Rhoads (1846-1875).

William’s siblings: Isabella Sawyer (1864-), Charles M. Sawyer (1867-1920), and Missouri Sawyer (1869-); also one half-sibling: Balinda I. Leary (1879-).

Clyde Sawyer attended Crozer Theological Seminary following his graduation from Wake Forest College.  South Norfolk Baptist Church was his first and only pastorate.
The Wake Forest Alumni Bulletin of 1938:
Rev. Sawyer and family lived in the parsonage built in 1927 (1214 Chesapeake Ave.) until he retired.
The above news story is inaccurate; Oliver L. Keeter actually had 2 daughters: Edna Mae (who married Julian R. Raper), and Lola Lee (who married Russell Elbert Leary).
Darcy Daniele Wahlberg, wife of Steven Spurgeon Sawyer
Clyde Sawyer, Jr. had a daughter named Clothilde Elizabeth (pictured below), who married George Samuel Canale, Jr.  In 2002, they were living in Sedona, Arizona.
(Elizabeth was actually given the first name "Clyde" and it appears in all the Census reports, as well as her marriage license).
Elizabeth appeared in the Senior Class Play:
Cora Lee Sawyer married Robert Michael Scott
A Historical Sketch of the early history of South Norfolk Baptist, compiled by Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
"A Miracle of Growth"
South Norfolk Baptist Church
May 13, 1956