What could possibly be a reason for refusing to have church services but still meeting in mass gatherings for Wokeness? There is only one plausible answer. They have converted from Christianity in the embrace of the Popularity Gospel.


The Religion of Wokeness is not compatible with Christianity. It has its own doctrines, own worship, own ordinances (chiefly, protest and virtue-signaling), and own messiah-figures. It has its own, competing version of confession, repentance, and atonement.


True Christians need to reject Wokeness – and the high priests of Wokeness – as fierce opposition to the Lordship of Christ and true religion.


“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other…(Matthew 6:24).

The new religion of woke anti-racism

by Michael Barone

June 10, 2020


It’s all about religion, isn’t it? “We have a cult of social justice on the left,” Andrew Sullivan wrote in New York magazine, “a religion whose followers show the same zeal as any born-again Evangelical.”


The linguist John McWhorter elaborated on that theme in the Atlantic. “Anti-racism,” he wrote, “ïs a profoundly religious movement in everything but terminology.”


McWhorter likened the notion of “white privilege” to original sin, argued that the hope that Americans will “come to terms with race” is as vague as hopes for Judgment Day, and observed that the faithful on the lookout for “that which may be blasphemous” resort to social media shaming tantamount to “the excommunication of the heretic.”


You could be pardoned for supposing that Sullivan and McWhorter were reflecting on the past week’s events — the epidemiologists piously proclaiming that participating in crowded protests of police racism was more important than the otherwise sacred duty of social distancing, the chastened suburbanites in Bethesda, Maryland, kneeling before and asking forgiveness of black fellow citizens.


But actually, their quoted comments both appeared in magazines dated December 2018. They nevertheless proved apt as commentary on events no one then imagined.


Sullivan and McWhorter understood that we have been living for two decades in a political era in which the demographic factor most highly correlated with voting behavior is religion, or within each sectarian group the degree of religiosity.


And they observed that that produced, for the first time in American history, a partisan division between the largest metropolitan areas and rural and small-town areas outside metropolitan boundaries. Our coastal metropolises voted 3-1 for Hillary Clinton while rural areas north and south, except for Vermont and the Berkshires, voted 3-1 for Donald Trump.


While non-metropolitan voters, as President Barack Obama noted in 2008, still tend to cling to traditional religion, articulate white metropolitanists are increasingly comfortable defining themselves as “atheists” and characterizing their religion as “none.”


They believe instead in Science, with a capital S. Science, they claimed, justified the two-month lockdowns and the need, until the protests of the police misconduct that resulted in the death of George Floyd, to maintain them.


Actually, scientific advice kept changing — understandably, since evolving evidence refuted epidemiological models of a novel virus. And epidemiology has an understandable bias toward pessimism since society wants warnings against unlikely but disastrous downside risks.


Science, moreover, provides no convenient formula for weighing the predicted benefits of lockdowns against their high and incommensurate costs. That requires judgments based on your values — which is to say, in many cases, on your religion.


So urban liberals insisted on strict limits on traditional religious services, symbolized by the vexed tone of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s denunciation of an Orthodox Jewish funeral. But they quickly bent themselves into logical pretzels by endorsing crowded, mass anti-racism protests. My (tolerant, modern, liberal) religion is better than your (parochial, antiquated, traditional) religion.


Is this conflict really necessary? Overwhelming majorities of Americans believe the Minneapolis police officers acted wrongly and support peaceful protests. Traditional Christianity preaches the moral equality of every individual — a position consistent with believers in secularized anti-racism.


And large majorities believe that violent rioting is wrong—and support sending in the National Guard and, if necessary, even the military, to end it. But here there’s a collision with believers in the woke religion of anti-racism, at least if young staffers in the New York Times newsroom are indicative. For they demanded, and got, the firing of the editorial page editor for running an opinion article by a Republican senator urging deploying the military when necessary to stop rioting.


Absent from the catechism of woke anti-racism religion is any acknowledgment of the facts, cited repeatedly by the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald, that police shootings of blacks have become exceedingly rare. Christianity asserts that original sin will always be with us, but racism in America has been in long-term deep decline.


Protests have featured confessions of sin and demands for reforms. Some, such as “defunding the police," are so lunatic that Democratic politicians have been skittering away and explaining that “defunding” doesn’t mean defunding. Others, such as requiring police cameras, are already widely in use or not particularly controversial. Some are not familiar but bear serious consideration: police officers’ “qualified immunity” from federal civil rights lawsuits, instituted by Chief Justice Earl Warren and a unanimous Supreme Court in 1967, could be abolished or altered by the court or Congress.


Unfortunately, neither historical perspective nor statistical literacy nor any need for consistency are of much importance to practitioners of the religion of anti-racism.

New Gallup poll released in 2021 reveals that church attendance in the U.S. is down.  This may be part of the downside of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
"Social Justice vs. Authentic Biblical Justice"
-Rev. Phil Johnson
White House FAKE Twitter followers:
Biden's false information front and center:

Biden brings Woke to the

White House

Meghan McCain's husband Ben Domench says Biden's first prime-time address was a 'garbage speech full of lies from a senile person who thinks he is running America''

  • Domench, publisher of the conservative online political magazine The Federalist, appeared on Fox Business to critique Biden's speech
  • 'This is another garbage speech full of lies from a senile person who thinks they're charge of America but actually isn't running anything,' Domenech said
  • He was not the only one who targeted Biden for alleged lying during the speech 
  • In an op-ed for CNN, conservative commentator Scott Jennings said: 'Biden didn't really tell the "truth" about his COVID relief bill' 
  • Biden said the 'goal' was to have Americans enjoy July 4th with their loved ones
  • McCain, the daughter of late Sen. John McCain and co-host of The View, responded to Biden's pledge that US will be 'close to normal' by July 4
  • She tweeted: ''If this virus is over by the Fourth of July - there won't be a firework left in this entire country because I will have bought them all'

Joe Biden has made a series of false claims about the vaccine rollout but the media is failing to hold the new president to account, according to Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton. President Biden described the vaccine plan produced by the Trump Administration as a “dismal failure”, even though America was on track for a million doses a day before Biden took office.

However, Mr Biden’s comments were repeated unchallenged by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “Back here in Australia, our ABC Newsradio ran Biden’s false claims completely un-challenged,” Mr Houghton said. “If Donald Trump had entered office making such claims he would have been quite rightly blasted by the left-wing media both here in Australia and the United States. “But it appears the ABC has no problems airing false claims when the great Joe Biden is responsible.”

Biden refuses to face reporters and our current Mexican border crisis

The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden Is the Worst 5-Day President Ever

Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised:
How weak is Joe Biden ????
The story about Biden falling down 3 times on the Air Force One plane,
only appeared in the U.S. media on
FOX News and on the overseas media outlets like Daily Mail, BBC, and Sky News in Australia:
Editorial note:  This is why so many Americans are turning to overseas media outlets to get the news about their own country.  They cannot depend on getting the truth from the so-called 'main stream media,' Google searching, Twitter, or Facebook, in the U.S.  It was thru the overseas media: audio, video, news, and print media, that we were able to learn the truth about what happened in 2017 and 2020, especially those responsible for the Marxist individuals who founded the BLM movement and the truth of the Antifa riots. (Those two sections, 2017 and 2020, may be seen on "The Old South" webpage). Going overseas is the only way to get the truth, uncensored.  Period.
These 'main stream' newspapers and tv stations did not carry the Biden on the plane stairs story:
The Woke cover-up of the president's health
The 'Woke' Biden administration has created the border crisis:
The term "Easter Eggs" is now being 'cancelled'
Peter Pan and Dumbo the Elephant are being "Cancelled" by Disney "Woke" mob
The Golf Course goes "Woke"

Woke March Through The Institutions

AT BAYLOR UNIVERSITY.....................

‘Equity’ Is Not ‘Equality,’ Comrade

Old Dominion University recently hosted the author of the 1619 Project which is filled with false history.  It now plans to host a program on "Decolonization" which is a part of Critical Race Theory nonsense.
American Medical Association is "cancelled"

Race and Culture writer Rav Arora says the US is experiencing a form of "racial hallucination" where the "racial composition of shootings now dictates the level of media attention" given to the cases. Mr Arora said there was "no evidence of any racist motivation or anti-Asian bigotry" in a recent Atlanta shooting perpetrated against a number of Asian-American women. "The evidence so far shows this man was a kind of religious fundamentalist. He had a sex addiction and he went to these massage parlours to get these illegal sexual activities," he said. "He tried to basically kill these women to try and get rid of his sex addiction... but the narrative is completely different. "So there is no evidence of racist motivation, but you have to understand the ideology that's at play here which is essentially critical race theory; the idea of reducing people to a racial essence. "So, all that matters is a white shooter who killed six Asian women - so that disparity in race, must mean racism was the driving factor when, in fact, it wasn't. But this is the kind of filter applied to these cases and it completely distorts the evidence of the case."

Here's the report:

Christian baker again under attack for not bowing to Biden's transgender policies:

Woke Flying: United Wants 50 Percent of its New Pilots to be Women or “People of Color”

United Airlines announced its plan to have 50 percent of pilots trained in the next ten years to be women or “people of color.”

“Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color,” the airline wrote on Twitter.

After many criticized the company on Twitter, United then followed up, writing “All the highly qualified candidates we accept into the Academy, regardless of race or sex, will have met or exceeded the standards we set for admittance.”

The follow-up didn’t placate everyone, including Dave Brooks, the former managing editor of The Daily Caller, who questioned why United hadn’t achieved this goal already if they had qualified candidates of color.

“So why haven’t you done this before now? If you had qualified women and minorities, why didn’t you hire them? This implies you’ve been discriminatory until now,” Brooks suggested.

Others questioned whether the airline would refuse to hire qualified white men just to meet the self-imposed quota, while some wondered if the diversity policy would apply to flight mechanics – who are mostly men – and flight attendants – who are mostly women.

In a link to an application website for those interested in becoming pilots, United writes, “Today, United has one of the most diverse pilot populations of any U.S. carrier with nearly 20% of our pilot group made up of women and people of color. We are working toward raising that number even higher by partnering with diversity-led organizations and continuing to remove gender and racial barriers. And we’re going one step further with plans for 50% of United Aviate Academy students being women and people of color to ensure our students reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.”

The company is partnering with JPMorgan Chase to offer millions in financial aid to help people become pilots.

“Together United and JPMorgan Chase are offering $2.4 million in financial aid to the best and brightest talent, opening the door to a lucrative career for people who previously didn’t have the opportunity to pursue one. We’re in the business of breaking down barriers and we want the pilot population — some of the highest paying jobs in the industry — to be open to a much more diverse pool of candidates,” the website states.

Who needs a resume when we have quotas?
Time to pull back the curtain on the Theater of Woke
Critical Race Theory promotes racism.

Landmark report says UK is 'a model to the world' on diversity

Biden brings Woke to our military with transgender allowed, a "stand down" to ferret out 'non-Woke undesirables', and a "diversity chief".

Pentagon's diversity chief is 'reassigned' after he compared Donald Trump to Hitler on Facebook

  • The Pentagon's pick for chief of diversity and inclusion has been 'reassigned' while the DoD investigates whether it's appropriate he stay in the role 
  • Richard Torres-Estrada previously shared posts on social media that were anti-former President Donald Trump 
  • The biggest offender is a post where he compared Trump, during last summer's infamous Bible photo-op, to Adolf Hitler 
  • Fox News Channel and later Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that Torres-Estrada was 'reassigned' pending an investigation
Knife-wielding suspect who attacks Capitol police is under-reported by media:

My Read grandparents in Oklahoma studied the Bible and prayed daily.  It is my prayer that we return to the Bible and it's teaching, as we face each day with the courage that only Jesus can provide.  With the pandemic; with the political and social turmoil in our country, in some cases, deliberately created, as noted in the foreign correspondents reports with updates/full discussion on "The Old South" webpage, we need to be in prayer about all of these issues that face our country.


Our country is facing a multifaceted crisis involving a rejection of morals and Christian virtues.  Several people, in places of leadership, are making statements, making decisions, and backing legislation which are outright sinful and disruptive to our nation and American family life. In addition, our culture, our history, and our schools are under attack by those who do not value our American heritage. We need a return to honesty, integrity and Christian values in public life; by politicians; in our schools, and in our own private lives.  We need a spiritual revival in our country.

Gene Whitehurst, son of former organist Gwen Whitehurst at South Norfolk Baptist Church for over 25 years, has written beautifully about the problem of children's transgender and sexual orientation; how parents are viewing this situation; how they approach raising their children.  He has given permission to republish it here.  It is well worth reading.

Male and Female He created them


“Train up a child in the way he should go…”  (Prov 22:6)


Recently, I heard where a 5 year old boy thought that he was or was inclined to be a girl.  And his mother was encouraging him to choose for himself.  I’ve talked to young boys who at some time in their early youth identified himself to be an elf; later a brontosaurus; later a ninja; still later an astronaut.  Through these stages these boys would choose outfits suitable to his childish ideas.  These young boys were raised in Christian homes and were trained in Scriptural truths by his parents and church.  It does not take long for a boy to understand sexual differences and accept his sex.


God has built into us certain innate knowledge as to one’s sex.  Unfortunately such knowledge has been distorted and corrupted by a people who increasingly exclude God and His Bible from our culture.  To counter this corruption parents should ensure that a child understands his/her sex.


Parents must be aware of the pressures on a child by culture and to ‘train their children in the way that they should go.’  A young child neither has the capacity nor life experiences to decide to be the opposite sex or to know what that means.  This is especially true if they are influenced by a culture that wants a child to decide for themselves what sex they want to be.  If it is observed at birth that a newborn is a boy or girl, then this should foster the appropriate teaching that that child should receive by the parents – and every other responsible person in their life.


"Male and female HE created them…” (Gen 5:2)


Females have two X chromosomes in their cells, while males have an X and a Y chromosome in their cells. Egg cells all contain an X chromosome, while sperm cells contain an X or Y chromosome.  God created man and woman with this clear attribute.  A person’s sex is chosen by God.  These chromosomes are in the brain not in the sex organs!  God ordains one’s sex at conception, so one is either male or female at conception.  God decided which sex you were to be.  This is Scripture and this is science. 


Trying to psychologically or surgically change one from one sex to the other is trying to reverse God’s decision.  Going against God’s decisions has grave dangers.  Stick with God’s choice.  Don’t monkey with God’s decisions. 


Gene Whitehurst

The Princess of Woke
That Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan was full of untruthfulness.  Here's another:

Amazon showed it has its limits when it comes to its dedication to diversity and inclusion when it failed to continue streaming a critically acclaimed and popular documentary on the only black Supreme Court justice during Black History Month.

Just in time for Black History Month, the streaming service Amazon Prime Video has removed a PBS documentary about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whom I had the opportunity to meet many years before he became a Supreme Court Justice.

Amazon Prime Video’s parent company, Amazon, Inc., is owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns the Washington Post, one of the champions of free speech. At least, the paper used to be one.

But the Thomas documentary, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” mysteriously disappeared from the company’s menu.

New Film Exposes Joe Biden's Role in the 'High-Tech Lynching' of Clarence Thomas

By Tyler O'Neil Jan 28, 2020



A new documentary about the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas highlights the latent racism in the Senate confirmation hearings led by then-Senator Joe Biden (D-Del.). In the film, set for release on Friday, Thomas recounts the horrifying accusations leveled by Anita Hill and Biden’s twisting of Natural Law in an attempt to trip him up on abortion.

In the documentary, provided in an early screening to PJ Media, Thomas exposes the racism of low political expectations.


“You have to believe in affirmative action because we think you ought to believe in affirmative action. How is that different from slavery? How is that different from segregation?” the justice says. “You can’t think those thoughts!” While he is a black man, his race was seen as illegitimate because he did not fit the stereotype of what a black man should think.


“I had been looking at the wrong people as the people who would be problematic toward me,” he explains. “We were told that, oh it’s going to be the bigot in the pick-up truck, it’s going to be the Klansman, it’s going to be the rural sheriff. And I’m not saying that there weren’t some of those who were bad, but it turned out that through all of that, ultimately the biggest impediment was the modern-day liberal.”


Thomas grew up facing segregation. The deaths of Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy hit him particularly hard. He had joined the protests of the late 1960s. He bucked against the idea of people forcing rules upon him. After graduating from law school at Yale, he faced the bigotry of low expectations — people assumed he made it to Yale Law School due to his race, and he found it hard to find a job. Only a Republican would hire him, so he took the job.


He grew to realize that the Democrats’ approach to race was mistaken and even offensive. “I was distressed by the Democratic Party’s promises to legislate the problems of blacks out of existence.” He supported Ronald Regan in 1980 because he wanted to get “government off the backs of the poor.”


Due to his conservative ideas, Thomas found himself dismissed as not being “really black.”

“Any black misguided enough to accept a job in the Reagan administration was automatically branded an Uncle Tom,” he explains.


While serving in the Reagan administration, Thomas delved deep into the Constitution and the Natural Law philosophy behind it. He cites the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“That’s Natural Law in a nutshell,” he explains. When America allowed slavery and segregation, those evils stood condemned by Natural Law — they conflicted with the nation’s ideals. The idea that all men are created equal is a powerful rebuke to the racism in America’s past. Thomas embraced Natural Law as the guiding principle of American law, the philosophy behind the Constitution.


After serving in the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under Reagan until 1990, he joined the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Washington, D.C. Circuit that year. In July 1991, President George H.W. Bush nominated him to replace Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court.


This is where Joe Biden comes in. Biden took a leading role in the orchestrated attempt to “Bork” Clarence Thomas. This should come as no surprise, given Biden’s role in the political hit job on Robert Bork — a role he bragged about last October.


The NAACP “said they were going to be non-committal and were not going to oppose me. Well, shortly after that, they opposed me,” Thomas explains in the film. Friends told him the AFL-CIO had sent a letter to the NAACP. “What I was told was that they needed cover for the women’s groups to oppose me, so they needed the NAACP out front.”


When Joe Biden, then chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, pressed Thomas on the issue of Natural Law, he was trying to get the Supreme Court nominee to slip up on the issue of abortion.


In the film, the justice says Biden did not understand what he was talking about.

“Natural Law was nothing more than a way of tricking me into talking about abortion, since many Catholic moral philosophers saw the two things as intimately related. But my view was different,” Thomas says. He testified that he never even debated Roe v. Wade (1973), the Supreme Court case legalizing abortion. Biden found this impossible to believe.


Yet the hearings got worse. Anita Hill, who had worked with Thomas at the DOE and the EEOC, accused him of sexual harassment. She had done so in testimony to the Senate during the confirmation. In the film, the Supreme Court justice insists that the leaking of this testimony was a crime. “This was a criminal act that did this.”


“I was shocked, surprised, hurt, and enormously saddened” by the allegations, he says. “She never raised any hint that she was uncomfortable with me.” When he heard more about the specific allegations, Thomas recalled thinking, “Thank God! I know that never happened.”

The film shows his powerful testimony in 1991.


“Senator I would like to start by saying unequivocally, uncategorically, that I deny each and every single allegation against me today that suggested in any way that I had conversations of a sexual nature or about pornographic material with Anita Hill, that I ever attempted to date her, that I ever had any personal sexual interest in her, or that I in any way sexually harassed her.”

“This is a circus, it’s a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American as far as I’m concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas,” he declared. “And it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.”

“I have been harmed. I have been harmed. My family has been harmed. I’ve been harmed worse than I’ve ever been harmed in my life. I wasn’t harmed by the Klan. I wasn’t harmed by the Knights of Camelia. I wasn’t harmed by the Aryan Race. I wasn’t harmed by a racist group. I was harmed by this process — this process — which accommodated these attacks on me,”

Thomas said. “I’d rather die than withdraw from the process. Not for the purpose of serving on the Supreme Court, but for the purpose of not being driven out of this process. I will not be scared. I don’t like bullies. I’ve never run from bullies.”


Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a 52-48 vote in a Democrat-majority Senate, with 41 Republicans and 11 Democrats supporting him. Biden voted against him.

Even so, liberals have engaged in racist attacks against the black Supreme Court justice. The film concludes by showing political cartoons with Clarence Thomas in a Ku Klux Klan hood and a news magazine headlined “Uncle Thomas: Lawn Jockey for the Far Right.”


“If you criticize a black person who’s more liberal, you’re a racist. Whereas if you can do whatever to me or to now Ben Carson, and that’s fine because ‘You’re not really black because you’re not doing what we expect black people to do,'” Thomas says.


“The framers understood Natural Law and natural rights a certain way and it is an underpinning of the Declaration of Independence,” the Supreme Court justice explains. Natural Law is not some dog-whistle that Joe Biden should demonize — it is the centerpiece of America’s constitutional order.


The documentary notes Clarence Thomas’ many accomplishments, including his 600 opinions — 30 percent more than every other sitting Supreme Court justice. While the film is a fitting tribute to the justice, it also draws attention to Joe Biden’s past — a past that should deeply concern Americans today.


The explosive new film may also undermine Biden’s support among black Americans — who tend to prefer him to the other 2020 Democrats.*


*(EDITOR’S COMMENT:  And this is probably why Amazon pulled the documentary off their website.)



"White Privilege: The New Original Sin"

-Dr. Thomas Ascol

Joe Biden, high priest of

the cult of Woke

-Peter Wood, Spectator, Australia


‘Do you think he died of dispossession?’ That’s the facetious question the nameless hero of Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel, Invisible Man, asks the audience at a rally in New York City in the 1930s. He is a smart and ambitious but naive young man who has fallen into the hands of a radical faction — no doubt the American Communist party — who want to use him to stir up black activism in Harlem. The audience warms to him as he admits his incompetence and compares the microphone to the ‘steel skull of a man’. Echoing his Marxist tutors, he asks, ‘Do you think he died of dispossession?’


I read the passage and think of the elusive charmer — ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black’ — President Joe Biden. The poor man knows what a microphone is. He has been speaking his odd, sometimes plagiarized, often jumbled stultiloquence into microphones for over 50 years, since he was first elected to the New Castle County Council in Delaware. Along the way he discovered the important truth that the substance of what he said mattered far less than conveying a sense of his amiability. His statements are often the verbal equivalent of those famous shoulder rubs he gives, meant to impose familiarity on the recipient rather than win her permission. His words, C’mon man, are phatic: aimed at connecting, not at saying.


But like Ellison’s Invisible Man, Biden has the microphone and the audience, and the audience replies, per Ellison, ‘We with you, Brother. You pitch ’em we catch ’em!’


And Biden has been pitching ’em non-stop. Whoever has been feeding him executive orders and dictating phrases into his earpiece has realized that Biden has no filters at all. He isn’t the Invisible Man. He is the Malleable Man. The best proof of that is his declaration: ‘I’m rescinding the previous administration’s harmful ban on diversity and sensitivity training and abolish [sic] the offensive, counterfactual 1776 commission. Unity and healing must begin with understanding and truth, not ignorance and lies.’


We catch ’em, indeed. Biden in so many words just put his office in support of critical race theory, that offshoot of Frankfurt School Marxism. Joe Biden probably has little idea what that ‘theory’ is. He knows it has something to do with ‘race’, and that’s enough. It would be a long day on a Delaware beach before he could tell the difference between the Frankfurt School from a Coney Island Footlong.


In a spirit of charity, I’ll offer some help. By the 1930s, original Marxism was running out of steam. Stalin wasn’t helping the brand by murdering millions of his countrymen. Some German thinkers — the Frankfurt School of Marxists — came up with the idea that instead of fighting the evil capitalists with rocks or guns, the communist revolutionaries should attack the main ideas that made the liberal, bourgeois social order so popular. Liberalism was already on the rocks in Germany, thanks to Hitler, so a fair number of these Marxists immigrated to the United States. Their project was to convince Americans that our sense of freedom and fairness was an illusion. Beneath the illusion lay the real but invisible world of capitalist oppression. Liberal tolerance was hiding this truth, and the task of the revolutionaries was to show us that, rightly understood, we were all under the thumb of the oppressors.


Persuading people to feel oppressed when they are actually free is a tall order, especially when the supposed oppressor remained invisible. To make the Big O visible required creative techniques like staging riots. That was what the communists hoped Ellison’s Invisible Man would help to do. Riots bring police, and police beat people up, and presto, the oppression becomes visible.


Still, the American Communist party made little headway in efforts to persuade Americans that they were oppressed by the free market. But Frankfurt School Marxism did stumble onto something useful. Substitute something else for ‘capitalism’ and the idea that we are pushed around willy-nilly by a great, pernicious but mostly invisible force attracted a lot more believers. Some substituted ‘patriarchy’ for capitalism, and all at once a movement arose that blamed systemic patriarchy as the great source of oppression. Feminism, based on this principle, could indeed provide plenty of instances of injustices toward women, but the theory of patriarchy as an abiding, systemic premise of all civilization wasn’t open for debate or for the kind of interrogation that a genuine social scientific hypothesis would be subject to. It was (and is) treated as a transcendent insight, the denial of which merely shows that the skeptic is still in the grips of the illusion.


Critical race theory is another branch of this tree, and it works in an identical fashion. Its proponents simply assume that America is an entirely racist country. Everything — economics, politics, popular culture, family life, entertainment, organized religion, science, shopping, our very language — is infected with ‘systemic racism’. We may not see it, but that’s because we are wearing racist blinders. We may be disposed to doubt that this insidious form of prejudice surrounds us like the air we breathe, but that’s because systemic racism plants those doubts in our gullible heads.


All we can really do is turn to the enlightened few who will lead us out of the dismal swamp of implicit racism into the sunlit uplands of ‘anti-racism’.


And there we will enjoy the company of our great Anti-Racist-in-Chief, Joe Biden. But getting there won’t be easy. We will have to study hard, and our government will have to spend billions of dollars teaching us. And President Biden has just announced that he will do just that. ‘Rescinding the previous administration’s harmful ban on diversity and sensitivity training’ means restoring critical race theory as mandatory training for federal employees and federal contractors. And abolishing ‘the offensive, counterfactual 1776 Commission’ means distancing the executive branch of the US government from the American founding and the principles on which our national unity has been based for the last 245 years. That’s a small price to pay for the ‘unity and healing’ that ‘begin with understanding and truth, not ignorance and lies’.


Don’t let those words slide by into Biden gabblebarf. He is consigning the words of Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton and others to the category of ‘ignorance and lies’. Truth and understanding apparently begin with Nikole Hannah-Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Derrick Bell, Ibram X. Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, and the egregious 1619 Project.


I wouldn’t place any bets on Biden understanding or intending any bit of this. That hardly matters, any more than it mattered whether an Aztec priest wielding an obsidian blade believed that by ripping out the beating heart of his victim he was helping Huītzilōpōchtli hold back the powers of darkness. It was just his job, and the power of the regime depended on it. President Biden is faced with a similar situation. Cutting out the heart of the county is what we need to do at the moment. Otherwise Huītzilōpōchtli or Trump or somebody will take his power away. He doesn’t want to die of dispossession.

CNN executives caught and exposed in deceiving the American public prior to the 2020 Election:

How Joe Biden Should Implement Critical Race Theory in the Defense Department

by James S. Corum

Jan 28, 2021

(Photo, below, included by author of article):

President Joe Biden has already shown that racial equity and Critical Race Theory will play a key role in the ideology of his administration. Essentially, Critical Race Theory holds that certain races have malign characteristics intrinsic to their skin color. Some races use racial privilege and power to oppress other races.

This theory is not new; indeed, it has been a major stream in Western thinking for over a century.

A version of Critical Race Theory was implemented as the core ideology of the German State between 1933 and 1945. In the German version of Critical Race Theory, it was the Jewish race that used their power and privilege to oppress other races, and therefore needed to be legally sanctioned. One can read the scholarship of the Third Reich’s leading institute of racial science, Jena University’s Institute for Heredity and Racial Policy (Institut für menschliche Erbkunde und Rassenpolitik) from the 1930s and simply exchange the term “Whites” in place of “Jews” — and it reads awfully close to today’s official racial ideology.

As a military man and former Defense Department civilian I am concerned how we implement Critical Race Theory in the Defense Department. After all, the Defense Department is the one branch of the government over which Joe Biden, as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, has complete control. Moreover, the problem of whiteness in the military has already been brought to the forefront by Democratic Representative Steven Cohen. (Democratic congressman Steve Cohen suggests National Guard members might ‘want to do something’ to Joe Biden during his inauguration because ‘they are mostly white Trump supporters’ | News Break)

The Department of Defense senior leadership has already instituted training that highlights the problem of a military in which over 50% of its members share the malign characteristics of being both male and white. One might think that an official ideology that declares an entire race to be malign and oppressive could not pass muster with the clear language of the 14th Amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. However, we can be sure that any legal opposition to Critical Race Theory will be swept aside by Chief Justice Roberts.

Indeed, the real problem in implementing Critical Race Theory will be in its practical application. We can look at the Third Reich experience with critical race theory. The Nuremberg Laws enacted in September 1935 created legal sanctions against German Jews, who then constituted less than 1% of the German population. The German State believed that it would be easy to sanction and suppress a relatively small group, but there were unanticipated realities. In the century since Jewish emancipation, Jews had assimilated, become middle class, and intermarried widely with Christian Germans. When the law required all Germans prove their Aryan Germanic status, many more than 1% of Germans had enough Jewish ancestry to face sanction under the Nuremberg Laws. These included many individuals very useful to the German State, including distinguished soldiers, engineers, doctors, and aircraft designers. There were also cases of devoted Nazi Gauleiters, totally committed to the Party, who discovered that Grandma Schultz had actually been born a Goldberg. Such people faced loss of party status, job, and citizenship.

The head of state, Mr. Hitler, instituted an imaginative program designed to retain the services of many valuable and talented Germans with Jewish ancestry. Hitler intervened and personally reviewed files of people legally declared Jewish and, in a few thousand cases, pronounced that certain people –including many in the military – were not Jewish but actually Aryan. Hitler issued certificates of “Arianization” clearing people of their Jewish ancestry and thus entitled to all rights and privileges of an Aryan German citizen. (Bryan Rigg, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Kansas 2002)

In combating whiteness in the U.S. armed forces, the Biden administration can follow the 1930s German approach and issue certificates of “minoritization,” making the recipient legally non-white. Applications for minoritization could be accompanied by a large financial donation to the Joe and Hunter Biden Charitable Foundation, soon to be established.  However, few members of the armed forces have the financial resources to make the kind of donations that the Bidens would expect. So, the rank and file will have to look to other means of achieving minority status.

Senator Elizabeth Warren gives us one model for “minoritization.” Early in her career, Senator Warren declared through “family lore” evidence she was not a blonde, white woman, but actually a Native American. Thanks to this scam, she advanced through affirmative action to become Harvard Law School’s first female professor “of color.” It was remarkably effective – except for one inconvenient fact. In becoming Native American, she chose the only racial group clearly defined under American law. To be a recognized member of a Native American nation, “family lore” doesn’t’ hack it. One must prove direct ancestral connections through tribal registers, no tribal registration, no Native American status. In the great chandelier of our politician-lawyers, Elizabeth Warren may be the dimmest bulb.

But, luckily for most of us who are smarter than Senator Warren, other races and ethnicities are not clearly defined under U.S. law. So, I suggest a variation of the Warren method to attain coveted minority status that is simple and legal. In my own family tree, I found a Mary Brown who married an ancestor in the 1830s. There is no information as to her birth, or parentage, or origin. But according to “family lore,” I heard that Mary Brown was actually born Maria Moreno and had immigrated from Spain. Voilà! I have just been transformed from being a white oppressor into being a non-white victim.

Recent scientific studies of mitochondrial DNA could be used redefine race Thanks to the Medieval invasions of Europe by the Asiatic Huns, Avars and Mongols, just about anyone whose family originates to the east of Switzerland is likely to have a good deal of Asian DNA in their makeup.  The only problem with claiming Asian as your racial category is that you are screwed if you apply to an Ivy League school, especially Harvard.  But until the U.S. adopts detailed racial definition laws — the Third Reich’s Nuremberg Laws or the Apartheid Laws of the Republic of South Africa are excellent models for the Biden Administration  —  most white personnel can find a way to claim coveted minority status.

But what can we do about the high-ranking leadership staffed by thousands of white male flag officers and senior civilians who have for decades been part of the systemic racism that plagues America? In the long past era when the Defense department was focused on winning wars, it was necessary to tolerate meritocracy regardless of race. But, thankfully, that can be dispensed with today.  Under the Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies, the outmoded Defense department focus upon winning wars was thrown out. Since the Clinton administration, the key prerequisite for career advancement has been a readiness to say or do anything that will please the political leadership.

The one thing that can immediately end the malign power of white males in the military and civilian senior ranks of the Department of Defense is to require all high-ranking white males to undergo transgender surgery.  Even if generals and senior civilians remain white, they will be freed of the toxic influence of maleness. Nothing less can reassure the Democrat party leaders of the military’s absolute personal loyalty to Joe Biden. This progressive move to literally transform our senior defense leaders will not harm the nation, as the establishment’s military/security policies will continue to fail regardless of whether the top leaders or white or minorities, male or female (or cisgender). And while a Bidenized defense leadership will continue to lose wars, at least our senior leaders will look a lot more interesting.

To make a statement like that with another foreign country that is in the 'nuclear family' is, speaking diplomatically, a very serious mistake.  We only have to look at the history of President Roosevelt and his Sec. of State Cordell Hull dealing with Japan from 1938 to Pearl Harbor, to see what the implication might be.  The language Biden used is not diplomatic. It could be more of his cognitive decline involved, as referenced in the following video of his calling his Vice President, "President Harris."  It would be prudent for the Sec. of State to have input into this before the situation escalates.
What the rest of the world sees that is covered up by the U.S. main stream media:
Joe Biden is showing obvious dementia; and this is sad for our country.
The American media has anointed themselves the purveyors of truth.  But that was before the most important Trump story you never heard:

A correction issued by the Washington Post has revealed former President Donald Trump did not tell Georgia’s top elections investigator to “find the fraud” or that she would be a “national hero” if she did during a controversial phone conversation, says Sky News host James Morrow.


Two months after the publication of the story the Georgia Secretary of state released an audio recording of Mr Trump’s December phone call which showed the Washington Post misquoted the former president’s comments.


Mr Morrow said in the recording Mr Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County asserting she would find "dishonesty" there and told her she had "the most important job in the country right now”.


“When the actual recording of the call was found, oddly in the trash bin of the computer belonging to Georgia election authorities, it revealed the call was nothing like how it was originally characterised.”


Mr Morrow said the forces of groupthink, mass hysteria and the unchecked mainstream media have come together to decisively rule on which people are fit to hold public office.


He described the correction story as “the most important Trump story you’ve probably never heard”. 


“This isn't about whether or not Trump won or lost. Biden is president and the world has moved on but what it is about is a media that has anointed itself the arbiter of truth when it appears they don't even know the meaning of the word.”

Here is the report:

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  • Critical race theory examines the way race and racism influences politics, culture and the law
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