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"To God Be the Glory" was the hymn used to open every Evening Worship Service, broadcast live on WXRI-FM, from the South Norfolk Baptist Church auditorium.


Here is "To God Be the Glory," sung on the 50th anniversary of "Songs of Praise," the oldest Christian music program broadcast on the BBC.

(Video courtesy of the BBC)

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"The Pastor's Pen" was a personal note written by Rev. Hughes in the weekly church paper "The Messenger."  Other pastors may use any of that material they wish, even as is, but may not publish any of those on a commercial or private basis, as they are under 2012 Copyright.


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"Crown Him with Many Crowns"
from St. David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales

This website is dedicated to the Glory of God

and to the memory of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.,

Pastor Emeritus, South Norfolk Baptist Church,

1101 Chesapeake Avenue,  Chesapeake, Virginia

Rev. Hughes served as Pastor of South Norfolk Baptist Church, February 9, 1947--September 30, 1984.  Born in Currituck County, North Carolina, he attended Wake Forest College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ during a revival at the Knotts Island Methodist Church, at age 12, was baptized in the Currituck Sound, and became a member of the Knotts Island Baptist Church, where the family attended.
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New web pages:
“Church Covenant of SNBC, November 30, 1893”

“Historical Sketch of SNBC, compiled by Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.”

"South Norfolk, Virginia: A Demographic Study."
"Atoms from Amos" a Bible Study by Rev. Hughes.
"Tensions of the Ministry" (by Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.)
 Mrs. Katharine Hughes. "Growth Through Witnessing" Sunday School notes.
"Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr., Retirement Service"
"Jim and Joe in Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School"
"Joe at Ridgecrest"
"Jim & Joe in College" (Previously titled "Jim & Joe at Old Dominion University"): includes information on where the brothers attended college and Joe's graduate thesis on "Pre-Pearl Harbor Intelligence." 

"Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby: Mysticism Misleading Christians.

"Oprah's Pop Spirituality and Eastern Mysticism, Repackaged for the West": discussed by Rev. Bob DeWaay, in a 4-part video program).

Web pages updated:
"Sermons from S.N.B.C.":
2 new historical articles about the church.
"Hughes Family Story":
Elliott family pictures; Doxey family information updated; Rev.Melvin J. Hughes Ordination Service, Retirement program; New family pictures, including Sue, Melvin, Irving, Aunt Teeny, Uncle Dan; travel pictures.
"Read Family Story":
Early church in Gurdon, Arkansas pastored by Rev. J. Leighton Read. New photos; rare diary of my grandmother, Katharine Wauchope Read found, and some of her Bible Study notes; New group portrait with Charles "Savez" Read discovered at Southern Methodist University; Discovery of previously unknown information on Louise Dornin Read (Daughter of Charles "Savez" Read): marriage to Jordan D. Cauthen found. Complete Confederate Army service records for: William F. Read, Joseph D. Read, John Jeremiah Read. Oklahoma Presbyterian College updated. The newspapers and politics of John Read's Mississippi. James Read (Blacksmith and Soldier) in Jamestown, Virginia, 1607.
"The Old South":
Jim Hughes: "The South During Reconstruction" (Audio recording of Jim reading a paper he wrote for a radio broadcast). A new section on this page deals with the Read and Wauchope families, many of whom were members of the Presbyterian Church, and the split that occurred within that church.  We know that John and Dicey Read were members of the Methodist Church in Edwards Depot, MS.; Charles Read was a member of the Baptist Church, and John Jeremiah Read and many of his descendants were members of the Presbyterian Church.  This new section examines how the Presbyterian Church perceived the coming Civil War.  Additional films on Newspapers in the Antebellum South.  Native Americans who owned slaves.  New England Colonists who enslaved Native Americans before slavery in the South.  February 26, 1638: First Slaves arrive in Massachusetts.  “The Physical Lincoln”: Dr. John Sotos’ diagnosis of President Lincoln’s fatal disease.
4 New Sermons (Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.); Summer Concert Series at South Norfolk Baptist, August 1980 (Youth and Adult Choirs). History of Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly: updated.
5 New sermons (Rev. Melvin J. Hughes, Princess Anne Plaza Baptist Church).
"Wauchope Family Story":  Complete Confederate Army records for: Chaplain Joseph Walkup (Wauchope).  New information with pictures of Professor Robert Wauchope doing excavation work at the Long Swamp Creek, east of Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia. New information about Rev. W.C. Wauchope. Charles Roe Wauchope: new pictures.  New information on Jane Armstrong Wauchope, wife of Rev. Joseph Walker Wauchope.
"Early Sermons from South Norfolk": some new additions.
"James Read Hughes": Jim and Joe in the Boy Scouts; his time as announcer at WFOS-FM (he announces the "Festival of Bach" radio program); and WRVC-FM Norfolk; new pictures.
"Joseph Truett Hughes": New pictures.

"Chaplain Joe Hughes": tribute to International Officer Students he worked with.

"Spiritual Formation and Contemplative Prayer heresy": St. Julian heresy.